I Dream of a Church

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Words of Warning


As a teacher the truth behind this statement scares me – I see many people who have graduated from Bible school, seminary or college who have no spiritual discernment or wisdom, but are simply ‘Christian replicas’ of what you would expect from a secular institution full of knowledge.

“We live on words like a man who feeds himself on the menu instead of the food. The word ‘GOD’, the formula about God, is becoming more significant to us than the reality ‘GOD’.

This reality is best seen in the kind of divinity schools we Christians run. One would expect these schools to turn out persons who would cater for modern man’s thirst for God. But they have become replicas of secular schools. They have professors instead of masters and they offer scholarship instead of enlightenment. The professor teaches, the Master awakens.”

Tony De Mello

Preachers Beware

This is a great quote, and powerful warning, for preachers:

“I think preachers are getting lost in a multitude of smaller duties. The preacher has a place in the economy of God. He is in danger of becoming so involved with secondary affairs that he loses his prophetic gift. The devil doesn’t care how great a success a preacher is in any other field, if he can just kill the prophet in him.”

Dr Vance Havner

William Booth’s Success

william booth.jpg

Doing some teaching preparation I was reminded of this great story / quote about William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army.

His son once asked him the secret of his strength. Booth revealed that as a boy he had knelt at a bare table in the schoolroom of a church. There he vowed that “God should have all that there was of William Booth.”

Years later his daughter, Eva, added her perspective: “That wasn’t really his secret. His secret was that he never took it back.