Theology I – Man & Sin Part 2

Notes from Chafers book. This is part of Theology I being taught at Life Transforming College International in Siliguri.

Man_Sin Part 2

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Theology I – Baptism of HS Notes

Course Notes for the sections on Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Filling of the Holy Spirit. These are taken from Chafer and Walword’s book which is cessationist in its approach – additional slides from a Pentecostal perspective have been added. There are no images in this section due to local problems with the internet.

Holy Spirit Baptism & Filling

Tent of Meeting Notes Update

I had a couple of emails saying people were having trouble downloading the notes from this site – I am sorry for the inconvenience and I will look into it – in the meantime if you follow these links then the files are available there too: