About Me

Passionate: About Jesus.
Love: my family, Soso, Hannah, Aaron, Grace, Thania & Dan.
Like: Leicester City Football Club, Leicester Tigers RUFC.
Dislike: Apathy, Religion, Meaningless Tradition, Sleepy Lukewarm Christians.
Did I mention I am passionate about Jesus?


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Great to hear from you – Vanuatu always sounds like a great place to be, I shall have a look at your site – LTCi is a small Bible school in its first full year offering a BTh, I teach a few courses during the academic year, as the only non-Indian on faculty I try to introduce the students to a few things they might not otherwise encounter – one of those courses was Intro to Christian Education, ICE – if you look at any of the notes you will see they are very simple, the guys here are in the early stages of learning to think! Hope we will get to speak more once I have a look at your site, i am just on my way to a conference in the south and will not be back until the weekend – the Lord bless you.

  2. Dear Sir, I am eldose Mathew from TOM @ Bangalore. hope you had good trip back to Siliguri. i was trying to download your class notes from Tom but somereason unable to do it. could you please help me? we were really blessed by your teaching; especially the quoting of JOhn wesley, Smith, etc
    Thank you, Eldose Mathew

    • I am really sorry about the problems you are having downloading the notes – I have also uploaded them on slideshare and scribd so you can download them there, these are the links,


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