Controlling Leadership

leadership.jpgI have been reading through some stuff on leadership and found some articles by Ron Edmondson on controlling leadership. I can’t say I agreed with all of his comments but they did make me think and reexamine my leadership style. Maybe they will make you do the same.

Anyhow, he suggests the following warning signs of controlling leadership:

People start apologizing prior to approaching you with a new idea…

You don’t really know how people feel about you, but you assume they all approve of your leadership…

You assume you are always right…

You enjoy keeping others with less information than you have…

You think you should be involved in making all the decisions…

You fear others being in control of a project…

You ARE the final word on every decision…

Edmondson suggests three results of such leadership:

Leaders leave – You can’t keep a leader when you control him or her…at least not for long. Leaders need room to breathe, explore and take risks. Controlling leaders stifle creativity and a real leader will soon look for a place to grow.

Followers stay…many times…But they are often miserable – There are people wired to follow a controlling leader. If i were using counseling terms is call it co-dependency. Sometimes due to fear of venturing out on their own or because of a false sense of loyalty they stay, but the controlling leadership makes them miserable.

Organizations stall – Controlling leadership always limits the organization to the strengths, dreams and abilities of the controlling leader.

Finally he suggests three ways to respond to a controlling leader:

Challenge, Compromise, Quit


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