Discipleship Programmes

I am passionately committed to discipleship, preferably in a local church context. It appears to me that Jesus was too.

I read an article by Jon Walker on Rick Warren’s blog – see here – and in it he asked three excellent questions about discipleship programmes:

1. Will this teach people to trust Jesus more or try harder to act Christian?

2. Will this teach godly obedience or simply good behaviour?

3. Will this teach people to make Christ-connected choices or independent decisions?

Of course these do not only apply to programmes, they apply to the way we live our lives, to our walk with Jesus. Let me be clear though, there is a need to be determined in walking with God, a great effort is required to overcome the power of the flesh. But, unless you realise the source of all your strength is the grace and love of Jesus you are on the slippery slope to a form of Christianity characterised by enslavish rule following – you are a modern day Pharisee.

Rest in grace. Receive grace. Then give it 100% as you walk in grace.


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