ICE Assignments – Due 2nd November


Due date: Tuesday November 2nd

Penalty of 10% deduction for each day late after this

Word count: 300 +/-20% = 240-360 words

Presentation: Assignment must be typed in accordance with usual college guidelines.

You may choose one of the following assignments – answers will be treated as confidential and seen only by Richard.

1. “80% of lessons are boring.” Describe how a “boring” teacher might accomplish a turn around in their presentation so that they become interesting.

2. Write in a critical but positive way on the subject, “Lessons at LTCi could be improved by…”

3. In your class there is a student who is intelligent yet regularly fails assignments and who refuses to take part in discussion. What should you do?

4. You are assigned to teach a 2 hour class on “Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ” for a class of 18-25 year olds (all of whom are believers). Write a lesson outline including content, timings and techniques used.

Note: For assignments 3 and 4 you have to assume you are a teacher.

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