Will we ever learn?


Rick Warren in his latest Ministry Toolbox quotes research from Lifeway,

“Recently, Lifeway Research asked 200 pastors to provide an hour-by-hour calendar of what they do each week. The study included 101 pastors whose churches were in the top 5 percent in conversion rates. The rest were pastors of churches that didn’t have high conversion rates. What they found was fascinating. The pastors of high-growth churches spent most of their time in prayer, study, and teaching. (In fact, that’s similar to the description of the apostles’ ministry in Acts 6:4.) The other pastors were all over the board with their pastoral activities. Effective pastors focus their ministries on what’s most important.”

The problem is that most pastors know the theory they simply can’t put it into practice. I remember reading a quote from CH Spurgeon (greatest preacher of the 19th century?) which said he did most of his counselling during sermons each Sunday. Looking at the image below of him preaching we might imagine it worked.

Will we ever learn?

spurgeon preach.gif


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