Do Numbers Scare You?

num 13b.jpeg

I was reading Marcus Honeysett’s blog about Numbers 13 – it is the time where the 12 leaders representing each of the tribes go and explore the Promised Land. They come back with a mixed report – 10 in favour of retreating as quickly as possible and 2 in favour of going in based on the promises of God.

Simply because the majority in a group of people all agree on something doesn’t mean it is right. You can be surrounded by ‘good’ people who have no faith at all, preferring to rely on human wisdom and understanding. What a tragedy. John Wimber once said faith is spelled R-I-S-K. I couldn’t help wondering when I last took a risk in faith.

Honeysett makes the following comment,

“Numbers 13 scares me because it shows it is possible to play the part of a respected leader, maybe for years, and yet not know God. And for it only get revealed when actual faith is demanded. At which point such leaders run for the hills and try to take the people with them.

I belong to a Baptist church. Baptist churches often vote on matters of vision and direction. Trying to think the average Baptist church back into Numbers 13 is a sobering exercise. Faced with 10 respected leaders telling them that taking the Land was unwise (and uncomfortable and, basically, not doable) vs only 2 telling them that God wanted them to do it, the weight of numbers is likely to lead many churches with this structure to go the apparently easy – but faithless – route.”

num 13.jpg


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