ICE – Law 3 The Law of Activity

student activity.gif

Some of you asked for a summary of the laws we are discussing, below is the summary for law 3, the Law of Activity. It is taken from here.

The Law of Activity: Maximum learning is always the result of
maximum-involvement. That is true with one condition: the activity
must be meaningful.

Your task as a communicator is not to impress people, but to impact them;
not just to convince them, but to change them.

Chinese Proverb: I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I

Psychologists tell us we have the potential of remembering only up to 10%
of what we hear. And that’s potential, not actual.

If we add seeing to hearing, psychologists say our potential for
remembering goes up to 50%.

If we add doing to seeing and hearing psychologists say this combination brings the percentage of memory up to 90%.

The name of the game in Christian education is not knowledge—its active

Great teaching involves great questions. Most people learn best when they communicate how the lesson applies to their situation and begin asking questions that will lead to changed thinking and changed behavior.

True teaching then is not that which gives knowledge, but that which
stimulates students to gain it. (It is active rather than passive).

Question: How involved—really involved, are your students in the
learning process? What are some ideas for promoting more class

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