ICE – Law 2 The Law of Education


Some of you asked for a summary of the laws we are discussing, below is the summary for law 2, the Law of Education. It is taken from here.

The Law of Education: The way people learn determines how you teach.

It involves stimulating and directing the learner’s self-activities—that’s the key expression. Tell the learner nothing—and do nothing for him—that he can learn or do for himself. (Give a man a fish…)

It’s not important what you do as a teacher, but what learner’s do as a
result of what you do.

Good teachers can’t be focused on what they do but on what their
students are doing.

Our educational system today is primarily a system whereby teaching is
telling and testing is essentially a cramming meter. Teachers are interested in how much a student can cram into his head and then regurgitate onto a piece of paper. That’s not education. Real education is how the information is applied to your life and how it changes you as a person.

3 Clear cut objectives for teaching:

Teach people how to think: the best teachers in your life
were probably those who planted seeds—and you’re still
reaping the harvest from them.

Teach people how to learn: create learners who will
perpetuate the learning process for the rest of their lives.

Teach people how to work: our goal as teachers is to develop
people who are self-directed, who are disciplined, who do
what they do because they choose to do it. It’s far better to
have students leaving your class scratching their heads with
questions they think and talk about, and with problems
they’re eager to find solutions for in the next week ahead.

Question: What kind of teachers do you most enjoy learning from and


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