The Lord is…or maybe I am

Realising that we all come to God because of need rather than our innate desire to worship I went through a load of potentials;

Someone suggested the Lord is my ATM – true for so many of us! The Lord is my politician, councillor, panchayat leader – yuk no! The Lord is my nurse, doctor, therapist, analyst – too self referential, it’s all about me, Jesus. The Lord is my parent, dad, mum, big brother, nuclear family – umm. The Lord is my cosmic policeman – watching over me to protect me, but also to ‘get’ me if I do wrong.

Maybe the real problem is that I didn’t consider the idea of being a sheep fully enough – the Lord is my shepherd, doesn’t that make me a sheep? Not a great idea in this age of self actualisation and realisation, yet there is a beautiful simplicity and dependence in the image of being a sheep. Yet a shepherd led, cared for, protected and disciplined his sheep all the time seeming to have an intimate knowledge of them.

Still I am left with a nagging thought that there is a contemporary image out there that needs to be found.


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